Our Expertise

J.A. Greene Construction Services, LLC builds a variety of projects across many different industries providing an extensive overall knowledge base that only comes with a deep understanding of every aspect of construction and design.

Our Purpose

Commitment to our clients, that’s our purpose!  Our core services, design and construction, provide your project with an experienced full-service contractor there to help you from start to finish.  We work on a variety of project sizes including remodels, expansions, tenant improvements, and ground-up. 

About J.A.Greene

J.A. Greene Construction Services was founded by Jonathan K. Greene in 2012.  Jonathan felt there was a gap between design and construction, so J.A. Greene was created to fill that gap.  With an eye for functionally cool design mixed with a simplified practical approach to construction, J.A. Greene quickly made a name for itself as a no-nonsense straight forward builder.   

“Simplicity is a beautiful thing, if you can simplify something complex, it becomes practical as well as achievable,”

From 2012 to 2015 J.A. Greene would focus primarily on dental office design and construction.  At this time J.A. Greene was still being run “out of the home office,” as they say and J.A. Greene only consisted of three employees, including Jonathan.  J.A. Greene was blessed with some awesome clients who would help sharpen J.A. Greene’s services, focus, and new business. 

In 2016, as more projects start, J.A. Greene begins to grow hiring three additional employees, effectively doubling.  It was at this time Jonathan realized plans needed to be made to focus on long-term sustainable growth.  With that, J.A. Greene leased it’s first office space and began looking for real estate to develop in hopes of being able to “practice what you preach,” by owning instead of leasing.  J.A. Greene would also begin to focus more on the Veterinary industry and pursue larger projects, mainly ground-up construction. 

In 2017 J.A. Greene would again double in size and begin developing their new office in Cypress, Texas, breaking ground a mere weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area.  J.A. Greene would also spend this year integrating online project management software as well as a new digital take-off program.  “One of the best things to happen to us in 2017 was expanding and diversifying the industries we served, this really was a benefit when 2020 came to pass.”

In 2018 J.A. Greene would move into their new 7,000 square-foot ‘home.’  J.A. Greene now had an office to bring clients to showcase different design techniques, finish materials, share ideas, and talk.

Nowadays J.A. Greene hovers between 16-20 employee’s with nearly half of those employees having worked at J.A. Greene for more than five years, including J.A. Greene’s first ever hire.  

Our employee retention deepens our company’s ability to maintain the level of service our clients have come to expect.  Our Senior Project Manager started as a novice Superintendent for us back in 2015, that says a lot,” says Jonathan K Greene speaking about J.A. Greene’s employees. 

Our Team

Our experienced team takes an active role in all phases of the construction process and is fully committed to providing a tailored approach to each project, regardless of size. It is this method that allows us to provide a positive construction experience for owners, architects, and developers.

Jonathan Greene

Jonathan Greene


Jeri Young

Office Manager

Morgan Miller

Senior Project Manager

Jim Harrold

Jim Harrold

Senior Superintendent

Paige McDonald

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Paul Wendel

Paul Wendel

Project Manager

Ricky Erogbogbo

Project Manager

Jared Kinsel


Jesus Martinez


Coming Soon

Marketing & Accounting Coordinator

Justin Waterman

Construction Manager

John Valadez


Adam Teeter


Mark Leinweber


Duane Davis


Managing expectations and delivering practical results is the formula for success

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