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J.A. Greene Construction Services

J.A. Greene Construction Services has a rich history rooted in the vision of its founder, Jonathan K. Greene. Established in 2012, Jonathan recognized a gap between design and construction and set out to bridge that divide with J.A. Greene Construction Services. Combining functional and innovative design with a practical approach to construction, J.A. Greene quickly gained a reputation as a straightforward and reliable builder.

During the early years from 2012 to 2015, J.A. Greene focused primarily on dental office design and construction. Operating out of a home office with a small team of three employees, including Jonathan, the company thrived thanks to the support of incredible clients who helped refine J.A. Greene’s services and sharpen its business focus.

In 2016, as projects multiplied, J.A. Greene began experiencing growth and expanded its team by hiring three additional employees, effectively doubling its workforce. Recognizing the need for sustainable long-term growth, Jonathan made plans to lease office space and explore real estate development opportunities. The goal was to “practice what you preach” by owning property rather than leasing. During this period, J.A. Greene also began concentrating on the veterinary industry and pursued larger projects, particularly ground-up constructions.

In 2017, J.A. Greene once again doubled in size and embarked on the development of its new office in Cypress, Texas. However, the region was soon struck by Hurricane Harvey, which presented unforeseen challenges. Despite the setbacks, J.A. Greene persevered, integrating online project management software and a new digital take-off program. This year also marked a significant milestone as the company diversified the industries it served, a decision that proved beneficial when the challenges of 2020 unfolded.

In 2018, J.A. Greene relocated to its new 7,000 square-foot headquarters, providing a dedicated space to showcase different design techniques, finish materials, and foster collaborative discussions with clients. Today, J.A. Greene boasts a team of 16-20 employees, with nearly half having worked for the company for over five years, including J.A. Greene’s first-ever hire.

“Our employee retention deepens our company’s ability to maintain the level of service our clients have come to expect,” says Jonathan K. Greene. This commitment to retaining talented and experienced professionals has been a cornerstone of J.A. Greene’s success. In fact, the company’s Senior Project Manager started as a novice Superintendent in 2015, a testament to the growth opportunities and nurturing environment fostered within the company.

At J.A. Greene Construction Services, we are proud of our journey and the milestones we have achieved. As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional service, combining innovative design and expert construction to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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