Design / Build (Fast Track)

Design / Build is a very common construction service within our industry, the end result is often the same as traditional construction projects, but the means to get there varies greatly. From a client perspective, who would not want their project done faster with improved quality and in more control of your costs?  That is what Design / Build offers. At JA Greene our in-house design solutions create the foundation of great Design / Build projects because our owner has a design background and takes great pride in that fact. The Design / Build approach brings all the team various team members (architects, engineers, owner’s designers, etc.) at the beginning of the project to work together on a common goal. Budgets, schedules, and drawings are all done concurrently as to expedite the construction timeline, while providing great design. It also eliminates surprise cost overruns, change orders, and most importantly allows our clients to focus on starting/running their business knowing their  team of professionals has their best interest in mind. Design / Build is JA Greene’s preferred way of doing business because every clients wants quality construction done faster in a professional environment benefiting from increased accountability and transparency.

fast track